The featured banner image shows shore birds called Willets, that feed along the bays of Delmarva and on the Eastern Shore. A more important aspect of the image is the red seaweed washed up on the shoal, which is called Gracilaria. It is a type of algae that habitats in tide pools, shallow coves, […]

Fruticose Lichen is a form of lichen fungi. It looks a lot like coral, and it’s kind of shrubby in appearance. Fruticose Lichen is a complex vegetation. It grows very slowly on tree barks, rocks and on soil in the arctic and mountainous regions. The exciting thing that scientists have discovered about lichens is that […]

While out in the field I encountered something quite interesting. There were two black vultures that have been lingering near a beaver dam, intermittently feasting on carrion along the waters edge. When they saw me they flew to a perch, and shortly after the male started courting the female. The male was making sounds and […]

There is a lot of folklore surrounding the Chincoteague Ponies. Stories of about a Spanish galleon that shipwrecked on Assateague are dreamy.  No doubt many shipwrecks have occurred around barrier islands throughout history. More than likely though, the origin of horses on barrier islands can be traced to colonists in the 1600’s. How do we […]

In January and February, squirrels will begin to pair up. They usually nest alone. but will double up during the height of mating season. During cold winter months, they also share a nest to conserve body heat. Once spring arrives, the female squirrels turn their focus to nursing and raising their new litters and nest […]

by Capt. Debbie Ritter One evening while searching for a film to watch we came across a movie called “Elephant in the Living Room”. Basically the film exposes the shocking reality behind the multi-billion dollar exotic pet industry, and it documents a man who kept lions as pets, and a subculture of people raising dangerous […]

Most people in the United States never saw a real Giant Panda until  1972. Giant pandas are native to central China. They have come to symbolize vulnerable species. One of the highlights during US President Nixon’s Presidency was strategic and diplomatic overtures to open relationships with China, which resulted Panda gifts.   Prior to the […]

It’s a jungle out there, not too far from your own back yard, wild meadows still grow all over the country, even on many highways. They attract a plethora of wildlife, and offer a pallet of color and beauty unparalleled by any artist. Fall and spring are prime time for meadows, so  spray on the […]